Spooky (non alcoholic Shirley Temple) for Halloween

Are you guys ready for Halloween to come? If you are looking for the perfect drink for you and all your party guests, then I have a really refreshing drink for you! Halloween is a day where you can dress up and be whatever you want. This drink really emphasizes the spooky and gruesome aspect of Halloween. What is more spooky and creepy than a hand in the punch bowl? This simple recipe can be done in a matter of seconds. There are a few simple ingredients.

-A punch bowl (the size of the bowl depends on how many people that you would like to host)

-Sprite or 7-up

-Grenadine syrup

-Ginger Ale

-Lyche fruit (Make sure you have the whole lyche and that its not diced up)

-Marichino Cherries

-A rubber glove (Prefferably anti latex) If you do not have anti latex gloves, make sure to wash your glove thoroughly with soap and water

-Toothpicks (If your fruit won’t stay in place)

To make this simple refreshing drink, follow these steps:

1)Prepare your rubber glove by washing it and making sure the glove doesn’t have any holes

2)Fill the glove with water and then place the glove in the freezer (do more than one frozen hand, for a spookier effect) More than one hand will keep your drink colder

3) Freeze the hand overnight

4) For a large size glass bowl, pour in 2 liter of Sprite or 7-up

5) Add in as many splashes of grenadine as your heart desires (The more grenadine you add the sweeter it makes your drink)

6)Stir your drink mixture

7)Add about 18 ounces of Ginger Ale

8) Take your lyche fruit and your marichino cherries. Put the marichino cherry in the center of the lychee fruit.

9)Stick the toothpick into the center of the lyche and cherry. This will create an eyeball looking fruit. (This step is optional. If your fruit is staying together okay then skip this step.)

10)Take out your now frozen rubber glove

11)Run the glove under warm water to thaw it out

12)Take scissors and cut a slit out of the top of the glove

13)Carefully peel away the latex glove, revealing the ice cube hand

14)BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL to not break off any of the ice fingers while peeling of the latex glove.

15)Serve and enjoy

Shirley Temple recipe (For adults!)

Another Shirley Temple recipe

More instructions on how to make the eyeballs!







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