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It has become that time of the year again. One of my biggest fans of my blogs is my mom, Eileen Nehira.

I have grown up watching her cook and till this day, I still have a great interest in cooking and baking. My mom has made a lot of things through her days and also has come up with her own recipes. “I started cooking around the time I got married. I started off cooking small meals, but then got better as  I learned more.”

I make up most of my seasonal dishes, and also find inspirations for my meals online. However, I would not be able to create these delicious treats if my Mom never had taught me.

Eileen is 38 years old and growing up, she has lived on her own. “In high school, I stayed in a boarding school, and so sometimes I would have to make my own meals.”

Eileen has grown up around great cultural food. Eileen is filipino and has grown up around a lot of filipino food. “A lot of the dishes that I make have a lot of filipino flavor combinations in it,” says Eileen.

Eileen’s father taught her how to cook and showed her recipes that have been passed down through her family. “When I first started to cook, my father taught me how to make some really easy and simple recipes that till this day, I cook for my family.”

Eileen has a lot of responsibilites that she has to do everyday. “I have soccer practices, kids to take to school and back, dinners to make, and so much more. I am always busy and sometimes I have to make the quickest meal possible.”

Growing up, I have taken a couple of cooking classes, but I really get my love from food from my mom, Eileen. My mom is also very crafty and loves to put really cool things together. Whenever we host parties, she puts together all the decorations, and really makes it look great!

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