Halloween treats

These creepy worms are something that is fun for kids and is sure to spook the party out. So simple to make, you won’t believe it. Directions on how to make it below:


  1. 6 oz of raspberry jello
  2. 3 oz of unflavored gelatin
  3. Flexible straws
  4. A container that is tall enough to fit the straws in
  5. Heavy whipping cream
  6. Oreos
  7. Green food coloring


  1. Take out your flexible straws and pull them to stretch out the straws
  2. Place the straws into your cup
  3. Place a rubber band over the straws, this ensures that the straws don’t move
  4. Place your jello, and unflavored gelatin in a mixing bowl.
  5. Add 3 cups of water
  6. Stir until the mixture is completely dissolved
  7. Once it is all dissolved, let sit until the mixture has cooled to room temperature
  8. Add in about 15 drops of green food coloring. The color might look a little odd at first, but in the end it will give it the right color 🙂
  9. Add in 3/4 of heavy whipping cream
  10. Mix until the heavy whipping cream is incorporated equally in the mixture
  11. Then transfer your mixture into the straws (Do this over the sink, it can get messy!) If needed, before you pour your mixture into the straws, you can transfer it into a measuring cup, to make it easier.
  12. Once all of your mixture has been transferred put in the fridge, and let it sit in there for 8 hours.
  13. Once the jello is fully set take it out of the fridge and set aside.
  14. Pull out the straws from the cup. This might be difficult at first because the jello sticks to the side of the cup. If you need to, take a butter knife and scrape the sides of the cup.
  15. Once you have your straws out, use your fingers and pinch the straw. Then you are going to pinch the worm out of the straw
  16. Keep pinching your jello worm out of the straw until you have all of your worms.
  17. Then separate the cream filling from the Oreos.
  18. Crush up the oreos without the cream, and spread it evenly in the pan
  19. Once it is all spread place your worms in the platter on top of the oreos.
  20. To add a spookier affect, mix the oreos and the worms together in the platter, this will make the worms look dirty.
  21. Enjoy